Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Things I Worry About...

Sometimes I wonder if we knitters will ever run out of new designs to knit.  After all, there are really only 2 stitches in all of knitting land with slight variations on the two.  So, how many combinations of the two, with various other design features, like sleeve length, rectangle vs. triangle shawl, etc., can there be?  Will the designers eventually have to stop designing for fear of copyright infringement?  I'm always amazed by the vast quantity of patterns, each one unique, that are available through Ravelry.  Add to that all the books and magazines and pamphlets and blogs and so on that are constantly being cranked out...whew!  Is there no end to knitting patterns???

I also wonder the same thing about music.  There are only so many notes in an octave and a possibly finite number of rhythms.   How can they keep coming up with new music after all these years?  Especially pop music, since it relies on many fewer notes and rhythms.  I remember hearing Quincy Jones say in an interview many years ago that all hit songs use the same melody but with different rhythms.  I've never been able to discern that for myself but it has stayed in the back of my mind.  Do you think it's true?

I know, I know.  I might have to seek professional help these worries of mine.

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